Title: eggroll8/19/2016 4:33:07 PM
It makes me sad I have are there a lot and the last 4 times I have been there and got eggroll they got them out of the bar and not the ones in the back the $1 ones
Title: 2018/4/20 15:54:24
My 37th Wedding Anniversary Dinner in eastgate square...there was no food in any of the trays..We were thinking we would have a nice dinner...but no food in the pans...The food that was in the pans was burned to the bottom of ...the pans..We won't be going back to this establishment and will let my friends know about it too ...
Title: 2018/4/20 15:48:47
Terrible Experience...We went into the Buffet in Eastgate Square to have a 37th
Title: 2018/11/29 16:33:50
Horrible place going home an puking up my guts no food in trays an what food was there was old an cold
Title: 2017/11/29 0:55:15
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